Our Family Space

A therapeutically designed space for children to experience connections with their family, that are engaging, meaningful and supportive, within a trauma informed environment.


Our Family Space is :

  • Created  to support the needs of children who have been impacted by trauma based behavioural needs

  • A home-like environment, where children can create ongoing memories with their families such as celebrating milestones, planting a garden, hanging artworks and more.

  • Offers a unique digital alternative for those who cannot meet Face to Face due to long distance and or other reasons. This allows children the chance to connect with their family in a relaxed and natural way via a large TV and camera.


Overall our Family space allows for a secure place to connect with family that promotes and honours the cultural, traditional and individual abilities and characteristics of each family without compromising on children's need for play.

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Private Entrance

A private and secure seperate entrance to the service


Kitchen Area

A fully resourced functioning kitchenette, complete with fridge, microwave, kettle and eating area. Inc cup, bowls, cutlery, high chair and more.


Play Area

A child friendly, fully resourced play area for busy and quiet activities.


Toilet and Nappy Change Area

A private toilet and fully resourced nappy change area including towels, wipes, bibs and spare clothes for children under 8yrs.

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Virtual connection

Virtual family time can be facilitated for those unable to attend face to face due to travel, distance or Covid restrictions.


Child Safe Backyard

A fully fenced, child safe natural backyard with sensory garden and climbing equipment.