About Us

Early Years Wellbeing (EYW) is a unique and specialised therapeutic and education service dedicated to providing a range of  services to children in their early years.

The centre’s primary focus is those in their first 8 years (0-8yrs) with an additional focus on supporting children (8-12yrs).  At EYW we strive to provide children who have experienced a range of traumatic events or complex trauma a ‘safe space’ to feel heard and seen. 

EYW therapeutic services are delivered through the following approaches and theories;

  • Attachment and developmental theory

  • A Neuro-sequential model of therapy (Dr.Bruce Perry)

  • Child -Centred Play based approach 

  • Trauma informed approach 

Together we believe these offer children who have experienced traumatic events and or have been impacted by complex trauma, the greatest opportunity for healing and reaching their best outcomes.

Our service includes the following facilities

  • A warm and inviting child friendly air conditioned waiting room and reception area, where children and their families can feel relaxed and supported in a non judgemental environment

  • We also have a kitchen available for tea and coffee, as well as private toilets and onsite parking

  • A fully equipped Play Therapy Room, allowing children the opportunity to make sense of past and current events, within a child centred and trauma informed space where they can simply ‘be’.

  • A relaxed and homely Counselling room that enables those caring for children, and or working alongside their parents and families, the opportunity to gain the support and guidance they need in safe and confidential space

Aboriginal Woman with her Six-Week-Old B

Our Story

Early Years Wellbeing began in 1995, when I took my first role caring for children. As the years flew by, I came to discover that  many of the children in my care were displaying signs of trauma through Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's). It was with this new awareness that I realised that there was very limited therapeutic services that worked closely with children in their early years. From here i set out to create a service that not only worked with the children but also one that worked from a child-centered and holistic approach while also including their carers, families and educators. 


After more than two decades of experience and studies in counselling and Child-centered Play Therapy, "Early Years Wellbeing" was created. Since then we have provided therapeutic support to children ranging from 18months to 8 years, to mothers who have had their children restored, to carers of children  in Out of Home Care and to both schools and early childhood services and more. 

Together our team continues to bring this specialised service to vulnerable children and thier families across the Northern Rivers region.

Our Mission

  • To provide the most vulnerable children within the Far North Coast region with access to opportunities for healing and empowerment through child-centred and expressive therapeutic services.

  • To provide their carers and families with the education, support and guidance they need to care for their children, who have been impacted by emotional, social or behavioural difficulties due to their lived experience of trauma.

  • To provide the professionals who support these children with the training, support and resources required to allow these children to achieve quality life outcomes.