Child & Carer Relationship Therapy

What is it:

Child & Caregiver: Relationship Therapy is a 10 week program, developed to enhance the  quality of the relationship between  children and their caregivers; by strengthening attachment through greater attunement and social play.

For children, attunement plays a vital role in developing secure attachments and is an essential component in social play. Together they create a healthy blueprint and support children to build a healthy;


- Mental model of relationships

- Mental model of self

- Ability to attend and motivate ourselves

- Ability to self-regulate

Using all this information, caregivers can create daily connections through a range of experiences, that role model the skills needed for building healthy relationships and life skills. 


Session last 60 minutes



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Session schedule:
Child & Carer relationship therapy is run over 10 weekly sessions.

How does it work:

The program consists of one on one weekly sessions (45mins) over 10 weeks. During this time caregivers are provided in-session training and support to develop and practice essential skills for building a healthy and secure relationship with their child or children they care for.


Through our program, caregivers learn how to develop and engage the following skills needed for effective  attachment, attunement and Social play.;


- To be present in the moment

- To be aware and responsive

- Read non-verbal communications

- Add meaning to communication

- Strategies for remaining regulated

- Understand and engage in joint attention and social referencing