Specialising in therapeutic support for children in their early years (0-8) yrs. Early Years Wellbeing  provides a range of Child- Centred and Trauma Informed therapeutic services, to support children who have experienced trauma.

Child-Centred Play Therapy (CCPT)

Child Centered Play Therapy is an evidence based therapeutic counselling method. It is child lead and  uses 'play' a child's natural way of communicating to express, process and 'act out' how they feel and how their experiences have affected them. Through the use of play, a therapist can provide a feeling an approach of 'being with' rather than a way of doing something for the child.

Child & Carer: Relationship Therapy

Child & Caregiver: Relationship Therapy is a 12 week program, developed to enhance the  quality of the relationship between  children and their caregivers; by strengthening attachment through greater attunement and social play.

Infant & Toddler: Nurture Time

Infant & Toddler-Nurture Time is a program developed to enhance the  quality of the relationship between caregivers and children, by strengthening attachment, attunement and social play.


Through a unique one on one circle time, caregivers are able to provide loving interactions with their children, who in turn re-experience this interaction when they play with their own baby doll.

LIFE TALES: Therapeutic Storytime

LIFE TALES is a 1 hour program developed to provide therapeutic support to children within a range of services, through the use of Bibliotherapy (children's literature), a powerful and therapeutic tool. The program includes mindfulness, story time, Q & A time, and an art experience related ot the sessions story.