Therapeutic Storytime

What is it:

LIFE TALES is a program developed to provide therapeutic support to children within a range of services, through the use of bibliotherapy (children's literature), a powerful and therapeutic tool.  

“Bibliotherapy is the process of using books to help children think about, understand, and work through social and emotional concerns.” -

Darla Ferris Miller



Session last 60 minutes


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Session schedule:
A weekly small group session of 10 children aged 3-8 years that provides a therapeutic storytime.

How does it work:

The LIFE TALES program uses specific and carefully selected books, to meet the needs of a single child or group of children within a service or a family home.

A LIFE TALES facilitator, then works closely with the caregiver through a trauma informed lens, to develop the desired program to ensure they meet the child/ren's needs.

Sessions run for 45 minutes and follow a set routine;


- Introduction and Grounding

- Story Time

- Question Time

- Mindfulness & re-grounding

- Supporting activity e.g Art


LIFE TALES sessions also include a follow up activity & parent information sheet to take home.