Aboriginal Woman with her Six-Week-Old B

Early Years Wellbeing works closely with carers and families of children who have experienced trauma to provide a range of therapeutic services. 

Individual Parent counselling

As a parent or carer of a child who has experienced a traumatic event or complex trauma, we understand that it can be incredibly challenging. At EYW we endeavour to support carers so they can provide the care their children need to achieve positive outcomes.

Child & Carer: Relationship Therapy

Child & Caregiver: Relationship Therapy is a 12 week program, developed to enhance the  quality of the relationship between  children and their caregivers; by strengthening attachment through greater attunement and social play.

Infant & Toddler: Nurture Time

Infant & Toddler-Nurture Time is a program developed to enhance the  quality of the relationship between caregivers and children, by strengthening attachment, attunement and social play.


Through a unique one on one circle time, caregivers are able to provide loving interactions with their children, who in turn re-experience this interaction when they play with their own baby doll.

Parent Consultation & Support

Caring for children is hard work and this is often even more challenging when caring for children who have experienced trauma. Thats why our team at Early Years Wellbeing offers parent consultation and support, so parents can access effective, experienced and non-judgmental support.