Working with children and families often means 

Professional Supervision

Do you requires professional supervision or does your service need some professional insight? Early Years Wellbeing offers  professional supervision for individuals as well as service based supervision. 

Workshops & Training

Remaining up to date with the latest trauma informed information can be hard. So Early Years wellbeing provides a number of workshops and training to suit your services needs that is "everything you need and nothing you don't."

Infant & Toddler: Nurture Time

(Service based)

Our 'Nurture Time' program is also available to be taught and implemented within an ealr childhood service. Call us today about how we can deliver this training and provide your service with an invaluable program that will benefit everyone from childre, staff and families.

School Based: Trauma Support

Current statistics show that there is increasing levels of children entering the Early Childhood and Primary education sector than ever before. Leaving teachers and schools struggling to manage the level of care required to support children who have been impacted by trauma.

Coming in 2021, our "MY STORY": Trauma Support program for schools and early childhood services. "MY STORY" aims to support educators  and teachers to identify, understand and support children where trauma impacts their ability to achieve quality school outcomes.